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How We Are

XG LASER Technology Co., Ltd. is currently the only mainland China to master the laser core technology and independent research and development production and marketing services as one of the multinational companies​.

“Quality first, sustainable management” is the company’s core philosophy, to this end XGlaser in Beijing, India, Delhi, New York and other places with branch offices, and with the European laser research institutions to establish a long-term relationship, with research and development, production world Leading the strength of laser products.

XG LASER is about to lead the beauty industry import and export industry leading project, huge industrial effect, far-reaching social significance, will drive the laser beauty industry large-scale popularization and application.

The company’s core technical team came to mainland China, the United States, Japan, Taiwan’s top scientific research institutes​.

Professional medical and beauty equipment manufacturers, covering laser, light, microwave, radio frequency, ultrasound and other technical fields, products include laser pigment therapy instrument, photo rejuvenation instrument, radio frequency treatment instrument, micro light can breast instrument, butterfly treatment Instrument, cosmetics and other nearly 10 series of products. Exported to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and other regions, products all over the world, won the full support of Chinese and foreign customers, laid the leading position in China.