Wrinkle Removal Beauty Machine

Product Overview
We are so appreciated you select our newest beauty apparatus for facial wrinkle reduction, and Thermolift is the new generation of non-invasive skin firming and perfecting technology. Thermolift is a non-invasive beauty apparatus for facelift that has passed China’s Compliance Certification and CE Certification. Thermolift Focus RF is the new generation of RF firming technology, and the accurate action on surface layer, superficial layer, middle layer and deep layer to achieve the purpose of wrinkles reducing, tightening and beautifying.

Instrumental Advantages
“Thermolift”, a miracle instrument to make facelift without any surgical operation, which can effectively reduce the wrinkles, awaken the skin elasticity, lift the soft tissue structure, improve to firm the face and intensify the rejuvenation effect on the face, honored as “a spring of younger”.

Instrument Parameters
Product name Thermolift
Model B-030
Power voltage 110-220V
Working voltage 36V
Power 80W
Rate 50-60HZ
Operating head 2 pieces

The customer can slowly adjust the energy strength based on his/her actual feelings, which is increased gradually in general, until the customer has the most comfortable energy strength (it is forbidden to start the instrument at the highest temperature, or the skin may be injured).
Neck operation: Lift and move the detector from the inferior position of neck to the inferior position of the chin along the neck, and move the chin to the lymph node position of the ears. Do remember that the detector shall not be operated on the laryngeal prominence.

Face operation: Move and lift (3-6 times) the detector to the position of zygomatic bone, and then to the position of ear lymph node from the corners of the mouth along a circular arc.
Canthus operation: Slowly lift the detector from the position of orbital bones to the temple, the energy should not be adjusted as too high, and it is suitable when the customer has a warm feeling, and move the instrument to the canthus along the orbital bones at a shape of semicircle. It is strictly forbidden to operate on the upper eyelid and eyeball.
Forehead operation: Lift the detector from eyebrows to the hairline, operate from the bottom up, then move and lift the detector horizontally to brow ridge around. It is strictly forbidden to operate the instrument on the eyebrows and bridge of the nose.

Abdomen operation: Slowly move the detector to the navel from outside to inside centering on the navel, the horizontal operation should not be too large, and move the detector from the position of stomach to the cadera. (It is forbidden to operate it on the belly button)

Waist operation: Slowly move the detector from the right lumber to the right side waist, then move it to the abdomen, then move it from the upper position to the lower position (near the buttocks) and so on.

Leg operation: Move the detector from inner thigh to the outer thigh, from the knee to the leg end; one more operation should be conducted after the above cycle operation.

Arm operation: Move the detector from the arm downside to the outside, and slowly lift it to the outside (butterfly sleeve and bye-bye fat can be tightened)

Sensitive facial skin can accept one operation at an interval of 15 days, and normal skin can accept one operation at an interval of 5 days. (After the operation, detoxification phenomena may occur on the face, such as pimple, acne, acturc discascs and rubedo, which are normal)
Attention: The bearing capacities of people’s skin are not the same, thus, the energy strength used by the customer in the operation process is different, and the customer should adjust the energy strength of the instrument based on the actual feeling of your skin.

Use Contraindication:
People with the following symptoms shall be cautious when using the instrument and ask for advices from the doctor or professional; the details are as follows:
1. In case the operation part has been filled with artificial fillers, such filled part shall be avoided when operating the instrument.
2. The customer should tell to doctor whether she/he has injected hyaluronic acid or collagen within half year;
3. The customer shall not wear any metal articles in the operation;
4. People with heart diseases or wearing the pacemaker are not suggested to conduct any operation.
5. The customer is not suggested to make up on the day accepting the operation, or the face should be cleaned up before the operation;
6. The operation shall not be operated if the female is in the period;
7. In the operation, the detector shall not be operated on the position with wound or purulent acne, within orbital bones or Adam’s apple;
8. This instrument is not suitable for the patient allergic to metal.
9. Although sufficient evidence is not available to certify that this instrument can influence the patients with tumor and active skin disease, it is not suggested that such patient use this instrument.
10: Although direct evidence is not available to certify that this instrument has any effect on the pregnant, it is not suggested the pregnant women use this instrument.
11: Although it is not certified that the ultrasonic wave may result in osteoporosis of the rib, it is not suggested to operate the instrument on the rib.
12: If the face is in an allergic period, this instrument shall not be operated within one week after the completion of the allergic period.
13: The lowest level of energy shall be adopted when using this beautifying instrument, and the energy can be adjusted and increased gradually based on their actual feelings until they have the most comfortable feeling. It is forbidden to open the energy to the largest level, the bearing energy of each person is not the same, thus the energy strength will be different in specific operation, and if the instrument is started with the highest energy level, it may injure the skin.
14: People not suitable to use the instrument: 1. Those do not carry out any care and maintenance; 2. Those have a sensitive and extremely dry skin; 3. Those have pustules and acne. After the operation, detoxification phenomena may occur on the face, such as a pimple, acne, acturc discascs and rubedo, which are normal. For such conditions, maintenance and hydrating mask will be effective.

V. Notes to Operate Thermolift
1. Hot water shall not be used to wash face within 3 days; (warm or cold water is available)
2. The moisturizing and sun protection of the operated position shall be strengthened;
3. Hot spring shall not be used within 3 days;
4. Make-up shall not be conducted within one day after the operation, light make-up is available after one day, and heavy make-up shall not be conducted after 4 days;
5. It is suggested to use 4 masks at least, and drink water not less than 2000cc (8 cups of water).
6. Spicy food shall be avoided as much as possible, smoking, drinking and staying up shall be forbidden, fruit and vegetables shall be eaten as much as possible, and the meals shall be light.
7. It is not suggested to carry out strenuous exercises for the current day using the instrument.

Instrument Maintenance
1: Please clean the instrument with clean water and stored properly after each operation.
2: Plug with a pin is a must before using the instrument, and it must ensure that the power socket of the instrument is really grounded.
3: Ensure the instrument voltage is suitable. We suggest the user increase the voltage-stable power matching with the power if the local power voltage is not stable.
4: For treatment effect of the instrument and ensure the normal service life, please use the appointed accessories provided by the originating factory.
5: The instrument can neither be placed in the damp place or around water source; nor be exposed to direct sunshine.
6: The instrument cannot be close to the strong heat source if so, it shall affect the service life and normal use of the instrument.
7: Current loop guard shall be used in winter or dry weather, the position contact the skin shall be provided with a certain moisture to avoid the poor contact, and wiping with water-based product or water can reach the necessary effect.
8: The medium, such as water, oil, etc. cannot leak in the instrument, and the instrument cannot be knocked, thrown or heavy falls in case of damage the instrument.
9: Please clean the detector timely after the operation and cut off the power supply.
10: The warranty period is one year. The instrument is maintained and replaces components for free under the precondition of normal use during the warranty period.
11: We provide lifetime maintenance and technical support.
12: The instrument shall not be cleaned and wiped with any articles containing ethyl alcohol.